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I knew I wanted to work with Pebble Marketing and to have them represent the Willow & Puddifoot brand from the moment I met Oya! She is warm, fun and determined.  I have seen a huge impact to my business as a result.  As well as new sales leads, I have 3 times as many people coming to my events and a CRM keeping us all organised.  Thanks Oya and Pebble Marketing!  Louise Puddifoot, Willow & Puddifoot

"I employed the services of Pebble Marketing UK to promote my Creative Design services in the Oxfordshire area. They quickly grasped an in depth knowledge of the ranges of design services we offer, and within the first few calls, had made several appointments for my sales team to follow up.  The work was carried out in a professional manner working as part of the team." - Matthew Lloyd, Managing Director, Matt Lloyd Design Agency Ltd

"I recently began discussions with a potential client. He runs a business in the north of England and it so happens we both know Oya. I've known Oya for about 5 years and Paul has been working with Oya for the last year or so. Paul was really complimentary about Oya's abilities . He said she was tenacious, hard working and had enabled him to get access to large blue chip companies that he has been able to tender for business with. He recognised that it would have taken him significantly longer to get into these companies without Oya. I will certainly be recommending her in future." - Gary Bassett - Advisor at The Infinite Group

Thank you for your recent support. Many of our clients require help with telemarketing and winning new business and we have found the services of Pebble Marketing to be very useful.The expertise and good telephone manner you provide opens doors to many new clients and leads to many new sales opportunities.In a competitive market place it helps to have an additional marketing resource to win new business.Thank you again and we look forward to working with you in the future. - Mike Foster Director, A1 Events Ltd Training & Support

Pebble Marketing UK were contracted to undertake a specific project targeted towards the NHS Primary Care Trust, and to identify Workforce Management, with a view of arranging appointments to qualified prospective clients.

Research was provided into the NHS of the number of PCT’s.

I was impressed with Oya’s willingness to come into the office to do draft telephone script, role-play, and make a few calls to see if it was on the right lines. She did not shy away from asking questions into an industry or the systems used, to increase her understanding and knowledge, enabling her to speak with power. Produced results from a standing start. - Nick Jakowiw,,Group Manager, Captor Limited

Hi Oya, thank you so much for making all the calls for me, as you may be aware it’s a job I hate doing. And, to top it all you’ve had great success, not only with the leads but I’m thrilled about the appointments as well. I’m quite sure this relationship will continue to blossom. Thank you for all your hard work.

Thanks once again. - Julia Watson, Managing Director, W17 Ltd

We were referred to Pebble Marketing UK for their telesales services and follow up calls, that we just didn’t have the time to do. We felt the expertise of Pebble Marketing UK would allow us to reach the prospective clients that we were targeting and to add to our current client list for our reactive maintenance services.

We are delighted with the telesales campaign that Pebble Marketing UK did for us. They really exceeded all our expectations, we couldn’t have wished for such a massive result so quickly!

Pebble Marketing UK were referred to us to undertake research & telesales to High Street companies and approach them to introduce One-Call Group reactive maintenance services and arrange qualified appointments.

Astoundingly, Pebble Marketing UK arranged an appointment with one of the UK’s Top 5 Supermarket Chains, which has resulted in a three week turnaround in acquiring our first job and we are now registered with them as a preferred contractor and getting regular orders.

We are so happy with the service and professionalism provided by Pebble Marketing we have arranged another marketing campaign and will be using their services on a bi-monthly basis. - Paul Anderson, Director, One-Call Group Ltd